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We are examining the impact of pornography on today’s kids and families. As children and teens become active participants in the curation of online content, the discussion of pornography goes beyond previous concerns about the dangers of exposure, alone. Now, as children are faced with new challenges of participation and socialization through the appendage of social media, pornography has become ubiquitous across multiple digital platforms.

Exposure to pornographic material overlaps with significant risk factors of psychological wellbeing, as internalization of body-concept and development of self-esteem are informed by the incorporation of pornographic-like behavior as valuable social currency in digital interaction. The impact of pornography on sexuality, gender role constructs and addiction are important aspects of the public health discussion of supports needed for kids and teens.

FCCReady has a unique understanding of the new strategies necessary for keeping kids safe through the oversight and interruption of user-generated content. New collaborations can result in necessary and effective new protection strategies. Is your content FCC Ready?

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