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Dr. Helen Boehm

Dr. Helen Boehm is a psychologist, author, media consultant and advocate for kids. A seasoned industry executive, she was Senior VP for Public Responsibility and Standards at MTV Networks/Nickelodeon and NewsCorp’s Fox Broadcasting Company.  She is a respected resource on developmental and digital learning, child safety and  parenting, through numerous articles, speeches and appearances on TV programs including, “Today”, “20/20” and “Good Morning America.”  Dr. Helen is the author of Fearless Parenting for the New Millennium and the best-selling trade paperback, The Right Toys: A Guide to Selecting the Best Toys for Children. She has written for numerous electronic and print outlets including Psychology Today, Working Mother, Redbook and Disney’s family.com.  Her net-based projects include “PG-TV: Parental Guidance Television,” Discovery Kids/ The Hub and the “TV Diet.” A graduate of Boston University, she received her master’s and doctoral degrees from Columbia University.





Pilar Boehm is a psychotherapist, researcher and trainer. She approaches the review and evaluation of educational content in programming from a perspective informed by her experience interpreting the impact of media on child and adolescent development, as well as from her clinical practice experience as a licensed MSW/ therapist. Pilar delivers onboarding trainings and best practices for appropriate and culturally sensitive evaluation of programmatic content. She utilizes a collaborative style in assisting clients find creative solutions in the development of quality kids’ products supports the effective delivery of children’s programming that is FCC Ready, inclusionary and engaging. Pilar received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the City University of New York and holds a Master of Social Work from Fordham University.