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Sex is our national passion and pornography — particularly how it affects our kids and families — is our national obsession.

So, in light of the game changing role that the new media environment, the net and mobile screen delivery has brought to this issue, my colleague, Dr. Rachel  Needle and I are collaborating on a book about kids and exposure to “pocket porn.” We thought it’s time for an open and honest conversation about the impact of porn on today’s families, as images are delivered by the ubiquitous 21st century messengers –  phones.

Rachel and I want to help parents become aware of – and equipped to deal with – the perfect storm created by the marriage of porn on the internet and the smart phone. Exposure to pornography is now ultra easy, anonymous, portable and free. As a springboard for discussion, we hope to shine a light on the impact of porn on our families and strategies for protecting, helping and supporting our children.

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